Terms and Conditions

The following Terms of service governs the use of the Database Technologies Ltd (DTL) website ( www.database-technologies.com ). DTL established and maintains its site to provide information relating to its products, services, and customer support facilities. The website facilitates communication between customer and DTL, whereas customers are allowed to provide feedback on any product, service, or any other area they feel fit. All information submitted to DTL via its website, along with the exchange of information between DTL and customer, shall remain private.

DTL shall be free to use any information, ideas, or techniques suggested to DTL via its website to better provide information or services to its customers. "DTL will not share customer's information with any third parties." All information provided on its website shall be accurate and up-to date. Information, documents and materials offered on DTL´s website are information on its products and services and shall not be republished or copied without consent from DTL. In addition, all information posted on DTL's website are subject to change without prior notification.

DTL's website provides links to other websites. DTL provides these links as customer references to some of our customers. DTL has no control over the information or content expressed by these links, and therefore, acknowledging no affiliation with their information, content or opinions. If you have any questions relating to DTL´s Terms of Service, please feel free to contact DTL administration at 960-0207 or 968-3262, or e-mail your concerns to info@database-technologies.com.